Probate Attorney
in Marble Falls, Texas

Probating a Will - a difficult task at a difficult time - I may not be able to help you in your grief, but please let me make things easier, at least as you navigate the legal issues any death can cause.

Probate is a formal, legal process where there is a transfer of property named in a Will to those who are named as beneficiaries. This is often spearheaded by an executor, a person named in the Will to carry out the wishes of the person who died.

All Probates in Texas must be filed in the County in which the person who passed away was living at the time of their death. I file Probates ONLY in Burnet, Llano, and Blanco Counties.


I can help you with that too. It makes settling the estate more difficult, but not impossible.

In Texas, there are a number of different Probate procedures which I can help you with. For smaller Estates, there are available easier and less time consuming procedures than a formal Probate to settle an Estate, but those Estates have to meet very specific criteria in order to qualify.

For settling larger and more complicated Estates, more robust and complicated procedures are required. Let me help you choose the correct procedures that your specific matter requires.

Keep in mind that an incorrectly or insufficiently settled Estate can cause generational problems as items are (improperly) passed on through a family. It is better and far less costly to have these procedures properly executed from the beginning; preventing any title issues or other complications down the line. It is better to avoid this mess, but if your ancestors were less than tidy in their own Estate planning, I can help you fix it.

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